The University of Melbourne (Australia) Tsinghua University (China) National Taiwan University (Taiwan) The Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia) Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) Korean Adv. Institute of Science and Technology University of Malaya (Malaysia) The University of Auckland (New Zealand) Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)


Feb. 2015
AOTULE Univ. Melbourne student conference article
on Tokyo Tech homepage.

Jan. 2015
AOTULE wikipedia article accepted and online.

Nov. 28, 2014
The 10th AOTULE meeting will be held at Nanyang Technological University College of Engineering on Nov. 1-3, 2015.

Nov. 28, 2014
At the AOTULE 2014 annual Deans meeting hosted by Univ. of Melbourne Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IITM) and Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) joined AOTULE as new members.

Nov. 26-28, 2014
University of Melbourne School of Engineering will host the 9th annual AOTULE 2014 Deans/Admin staff meeting and student conference.

March 15, 2014
AOTULE is registered in Malaysia with Register of Societies under the name of AOTULE-KL and becomes a NPO.

Dec., 2013
ITB and Tokyo Tech announce AOTULE graduate student summer exchange programs for 2014.

Oct. 2013
Summary of press releases from the Chula AOTULE 2013 meeting in Thai and in English reported in the Nation.

Oct. 17-19, 2013
Chulalongkorn Univ. College of Engineering in Bangkok, Thailand hosted the AOTULE 2013 annual meeting. See the AOTULE Chula website for further information.

Dec., 2012
ITB and Tokyo Tech announce AOTULE graduate student summer exchange for 2013

Nov. 24-25, 2012
7th AOTULE Deans/Admin Staff Meeting & Student Workshop held at University Malaya (Malaysia).

Nov. 2012
AOTULE 5th Anniversary brochurepublished.

Oct. 2011
The 6th Deans Meeting/Student Workshop held at Tsinghua University (China).

Nov. 2010
The 5th Deans Meeting/Workshop held at Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia)

Dec. 2009
The 4th Deans Meeting/Workshop held at the National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

Nov. 2008
The 3rd Deans Meeting/Workshops held at The University of Auckland (New Zealand)

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AOTULE, founded in 2007, is a league of thirteen premiere engineering universities in the Asia-Oceania region. In 2013, AOTULE was registered as a NPO in Malaysia under the name, AOTULE-KL.


The AOTULE promotes inter-university cooperation through joint programs including an annual Dean's meeting, student workshop and exchanges of students and staff, in order to improve the quality of engineering education and research of the members. It aims to broaden participating students' perspectives through education, research and cross-cultural interactions.

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