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From the steering committee

AOTULE Deans met at Nanyang Technological Univ on Nov. 2-3 to review 2015 activities and plan for 2016. Tokyo Tech, Chula and ITB talked about their short term student exchange programs and plans for 2016.

The AOTULE deans also selected an AOTULE logo design based upon the student design competition from 9 submission with first prize being awarded to a Nanyang TU student. The design will be review by a professional designer before it is displayed on the AOTULE website.

In addition, the student conference and admin staff meeting was also held to promote research activities as well as information exchange activity among respective staff, respectively.

At the meeting new steering chairman and vice-chair were elected with Univ. Melbourne Prof. David Shallcross being selected as the steering chair for two years. He succeeds Tokyo Tech Prof. Jeffrey Cross, who has served as the chair for 4 years. To facilitate the leadership transition, Prof. Cross will serve as honorary chair for one year. The new vice-chair is HKUST Prof./Assoc. Dean King Lun YEUNG who succeeds NTU-T Assoc. Dean W.C. Chen. Finally, the executive chairmanship changed from Univ. Melb. Dean Iven Mareels to NTU-S Dean Tsuhan Chen.

The next AOTULE meeting which is also the 10th year from its founding will be held at HKUST in Nov. 2016.

AOTULE held its annual 2014 conference at the School of Engineering, Univ. of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia on Nov. 26-28, 2014. The meeting was hosted by Engineering Dean Mareels and organized by Prof. David Shallcross with support from the engineering administrative staff.

At the meeting there were approximately 130 participants including Deans, faculty, staff and students. An admin staff meeting was held for the third time in a parallel session and allowed staff members to exchange opinions on best practices and issues relating to student exchanges. In addition, a third session was also held in parallel on engineering education.

In 2014, Tokyo Tech and ITB hosted students for overseas stays and research exchanges. Both programs were given high marks of satisfaction from the student participants

Two new university members joined AOTULE, IITM (India) and HUST (Vietnam), which brings the total number of members to 13. The University of Moratuwa also sent a delegate as an observer to the Deans meeting.

The steering committee is looking forward to the 2015 AOTULE meeting at Nanyang Technological Univ. Singapore, on Nov. 1-3, 2015.






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