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AOTULE is operated by its members serving on a volunteer basis. AOTULE charges a membership fee of $500/yr to pay for its operating expenses. All expenses to participate in AOTULE activites are borne by the members. However, students may receive partial funding to participate in exchanges and workshops.

AOTULE is lead by the Executive Chair from NTU-S Dean and Prof. Tsuhan Chen, who serves a one year term. Operation of AOTULE is undertaken by the Steering Committee Chair and Vice-Chair for a 2 year term in consultation with Executive Chair. Univ. Melbourne Prof. David Shallcross and HKUST Assoc. Dean and Prof. King Lun YEUNG serve as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, until the Dec. 31, 2017 Dean's meeting.

Regarding AOTULE membership inquiries or to request joining the AOTULE annual meeting as an observer, please contact the AOTULE steering committee chair. AOTULE’s basic membership policy is to accept new members from university’s in Asia and Oceania offering engineering degrees that are leading institutions in their geographical region. The decision on membership is made by a vote of the Deans at the annual meeting.

The position of secretary-treasure is held by Univ. Malaya Asst. Bursar position is currently vacant..

The standing working groups (WG) are listed below

  • 1) Deans meeting preparation,
  • 2) Workshops and summer schools
  • 3) Student & scholar exchange
  • 4) AOTULE web-site
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